It’s now been over a year since AcSoft Group set up its own noise and vibration calibration laboratory and our offering has grown from strength to strength.

Our first task as a laboratory was to directly replicate the microphone calibration system used by “GRAS Sound & Vibration” in Denmark, parent company of our very own GRAS UK. This allows us to fully calibrate 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch microphones from GRAS or any other manufacturer and all traceable to national standards.

We then replicated the complete Svantek acoustics calibration system so we can calibrate all Svantek instruments and calibrators. With this system we can perform a full factory calibration on all Svantek instruments which means all new instruments we ship to customers have a fresh calibration certificate every time. In addition to Svantek instruments we can calibrate those made by other companies as long as we can get hold of the relevant technical data. Our library of data is growing rapidly so why not ask if we can calibrate your instrument.

The last part of our capability to go in was a vibration calibration fixture. We use a Data Physics 16kg shaker together with Soundcheck software (from Listen in the States) and a Dytran reference accelerometer to give us a wide range of capabilities.

All our kit is housed in an air conditioned, purpose built laboratory and is calibrated to nationally traceable standards. Next on our agenda is to go for ISO17025 and UKAS accreditation but that normally takes a year or more to achieve so watch this space!

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