Noise Monitoring in Ports and Waterways

There are numerous noise sources in ports and waterways, including horns, whistles, signals, terminal operations, engines, construction and logistics. As well as ensuring compliance with environmental noise regulations, operators must minimise, mitigate or reduce noise from both essential processes and other sources.

As a result, monitoring the impact of sound levels on local communities can be a complex issue. Operators and contractors need to regularly monitor compliance with noise abatement procedures and regulatory requirements, plus investigate enquiries or complaints from members of the public.

An increasing number of port operators such as Felixstowe, Port of Tyne and Peterhead are choosing to install a permanent noise monitoring solution, which allows them to capture sound levels in real time and gain a better understanding of existing noise levels and also track changes over time.

Svantek’s SV200 outdoor noise monitoring station offers reliable, accurate and continuous operation in the harshest conditions. A fully integrated solution for unattended long or short-term noise monitoring applications, the weatherproof SV200 is small, lightweight and easy to install by a single person.

It has its own built-in web server that can continuously provide live, real time data, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to a computer or hand held device. It will send an email or text message if the noise levels go above a pre-set limit and measures and stores results suitable for automatic reports and detailed information for advanced post processing analysis.

Standard measurement functionality includes multi-profile data logging, real time 1/1 and 1/3-octave logging, audio event recording and statistical analysis. Measuring capabilities can be extended with real time audio streaming and weather condition monitoring. All results are securely stored on the built-in 16GB microSD card.

The reference direction is user selectable in the instrument configuration and a highly efficient windscreen reduces noise, even at high wind speeds. It features special rain protection and weatherproof housing protects the SV200 noise monitoring station against extreme weather conditions while fulfilling IEC 61672 Class 1 accuracy.

Weather conditions have a significant influence on noise measurements so the SV200 is equipped with an interface for meteo sensors. With the optional SV205 weather station, the SV200 can measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, ambient pressure and rain. Weather data is stored in parallel to the noise measurements.

Svantek’s SV200 features internal heating and rugged dual layer housing with natural airflow enabling it operate from -30°C up to +60°C and humidity up to 100% RH. It has a 2.45 Ah internal Li-Ion battery and interface for connecting solar panels. A waterproof mains adapter for charging the batter and powering the station is also included.

The SV200 features an ‘all-in-one’ design making it suitable for portable, mobile and permanent noise monitoring installations. This means it can also be moved from one location to another whilst still being able to provide information as often as required. A mounting tool for mast or stand is included in the standard package.

Nothing Shaky About Svantek Vibration Calibrators

Our extremely compact SV 110 hand-held vibration calibrator is designed for verification of machine sensors, as well as on-site checks of human vibration accelerometers, to ISO 8041. Faults caused by transverse vibrations are indicated by two LEDS on the calibrator’s housing. This unique solution ensures stability of both the calibration level and frequency, independent from the mass of the test object.

The small size of the SV 110 makes it perfect for calibration checks of both machine vibration accelerometers and hand-arm vibration meters including our SV103 and SV106 instruments. It can take loads up to 300 grams which makes it incredibly versatile. Depending on the selected frequency, the user can also choose to calibrate from 1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2. The SV 110 calibrator has built-in rechargeable batteries that will power it for 12 hours of continuous operation.

Our SV 111 is a state of the art calibrator designed for in-situ checks to ISO 8041. Intended for use in the field for pre and post calibration it is  ideal for quickly checking an instrument’s basic calibration and functionality.

New video

The SV104 and SV104IS are the most advanced noise dosimeters on the market by a mile. We thoughts we’d share with you why that is in this video. Just click this link to see what they can really do: SV104 video

Health & Safety North

Come and visit us on stand B28 at the Health & Safety North Show at the Bolton Arena on the 7th and 8th October. We’ll be showing our full range of H&S monitoring instrumnts including the SV104 personal noise dosimeter with octave band analysis and audio record and the SV103 personla HAV dosimeter.

We’ll also have the world’s best personal air sampling pumps from Gilian, heat stress monitors from LSI and thermal comfort monitors from e-instruments.

Technical paper on whole body vibration

We’re delighted to announce that Jacek Kuczynski from our head office in Poland will be presenting a technical paper titled “IMPROVED METHODS OF ASSESSMENT OF WHOLE-BODY VIBRATION RISK IN MOVING VEHICLES” at the “50th UK Conference on Human Responses to Vibration” at the Chilworth Manor Hotel in Southampton in September. For more details on this conference then click here.

To have a sneak preview of the paper then click here

IOHA London 2015

This year the IOHA and BOHS have a joint conference in central London which promises to be the most important of its kind in Europe this year. The conference runs at the London Hilton Metropole from the 27th to 30th April 2015 and there will be visitors from all over the world attending.

Of course Svantek will be there and we’ll be exhibiting our market leading SV104 and SV103 personal noise and vibration dosimeters. We’re also very proud to now be working with Sensidyne and their Gilian personal sampling pumps and LSI Lastem and their heat stress monitoring instrumentation.

Wind Turbine Noise Conference

We’ll be exhbiting at the INCE wind turbine noise conference in Glasgow on the 20th to 23rd April 2015 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow.

Svantek has two instrumentst that are perfect for measuring wind turbine noise; the SV200 noise montiroign station and SVAN977 noise analyser. Come and see us at the show or give us a call to arrange a demonstration at your site.

IoA webinar – “Are you sure you’re calibrating your sound level meter correctly? Are you really sure?”

This webinar is presented by Richard Tyler, Chairman of the IoA’s Measurement & Instrumentation Group.

This presentation describes the role of the acoustic calibrator in obtaining the best possible calibration accuracy of a sound level meter, and therefore the best accuracy of measurement that the meter can achieve.

The correction factors that need to be considered when combining a given calibrator with any sound level meter will be covered in detail, and the method to achieve the correct setting for the sound level meter’s calibration routine demonstrated.

Some do’s and don’ts for this process will be highlighted.

To jon the webinar then follow these instructions

Conference on Human Vibration in Buxton

Last month the “49th UK Conference on Human Responses to Vibration” was hosted by the Health and Safety Laboratory at the Pavillion Arts Centre in Buxton. As a world leader in human vibration monitoring, Svantek supported the conference by both presenting a paper and exhibiting. If you’d like to read the paper that Jacek Kuczynski presentated then click here.

Health & Safety North Show

We’ll be showing our new personal vibration dosimeter at the Health and Safety North Show in Bolton in October so why not come and have a look. It caused a real storm at the 49th UK Conference on Human Response to Vibration in Buxton.