SVAN 958A Four Channels Sound and Vibration Analyser with time domain signal recording. It is a fully digital, four channels 20 kHz signal analyser including Type 1 sound level meter (meeting IEC 61672) and vibration meter (meeting ISO 8041:2005).

Simultaneously to the meter mode, SVAN 958A can perform advanced frequency analysis including 1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis, FFT analysis including cross spectra’s and sound intensity measurements. Reverberation Time measurements, noise dose meter and rotation speed measurements are also available. Moreover, SVAN 958A has an exceptional feature of time domain signal recording to the USB memory stick.

SVAN 958A is an ideal choice for “Human Vibration” (according to the ISO 2631-1,2&5 and ISO 5349-1&2 standards). It is offered with all required weighting filters and comprehensive range of equipment for measuring hand-arm and whole-body vibration.

SVAN 958A uniquely does the analysis in four channels. Each of the four channels can work simultaneously with independently configured input (transducer type), filters and RMS detector time constants (e.g. simultaneous three axis measurement of the Whole-Body vibration and noise dose).

Recently SVAN 958A has been improved by implementation of the special KB filter for building vibration measurements meeting the DIN 45669-1 standard (DIN 4150 standard refers to this filter).

SVAN 958A can also perform noise measurement with accuracy of Type 1. Thanks to its four channels it can measure sound by the use of four independent microphones in the same time. What is more, in sound meter mode, each channel uses three independently defined profiles which means that SVAN 958 can perform “multidimensional” analysis of measured signal in every of four channels. In practice it gives a user the possibility to obtain Leq, LMax, LMin, LPeak, Spl, SEL with different weighing filters in the same time.

Very powerful measurement capability is supported by the advanced time history logging in non-volatile 32 MB internal memory. SVAN 958A is also equipped with USB port which allows to storage data in the USB Memory Sticks of size even 8 GB.

Together with SVAN 958A we provide the SC 16 cable for the connection with the PC. Easy data downloading to the PC is ensured by the SvanPC+ software (base module free of charge). Fast USB 1.1 interface (12 MHz) creates real time link for the PC “front-end” application of the SVAN 958. Instrument can be fully remotely controlled. Optionally, SVAN 958A can be equipped with RS 232 or IrDA port.

SVAN 958A is powered from NiMH standard or rechargeable AA batteries. The powering of the instrument from the External DC power source or USB interface is also provided.

Robust and light weight design accomplishes the exceptional features of this new generation instrument.


  • Four channels, 20 kHz real time, simultaneous sound and vibration measurements
  • FFT real time analysis up to 1600 lines in 20.0 kHz band
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave real time analysis
  • Human Vibration measurements meeting ISO 8041:2005 including VDV and MTVV
  • Building vibration measurements including PPV
  • Noise measurements Type 1, IEC 61672:2002
  • Acoustic dose meter function
  • Sound Intensity measurements
  • Reverberation Time measurements RT 60
  • FFT cross spectra’s
  • Advanced Data Logger with 32 MB non-volatile internal memory
  • USB Memory Stick provides almost unlimited logging capability
  • Time domain signal recording
  • Advanced trigger and alarm functions
  • USB 1.1 Client and USB Host, optional RS 232 and IrDA interfaces
  • Integration time programmable up to 24 h
  • Powered by 4 x AA standard or rechargeable batteries
  • Easy in use, hand held, light weight and robust case



Technical Specs

Sound Level Meter/Analyser

  • StandardsType 1: IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Meter modeSPL, Leq, SEL, Lden, Ltm3, Ltm5, Statistics – Ln (L1-L99), LMax, LMin, LPeak Simultaneous measurement in three profiles with independent set of filters and detector time constants
  • Analyser1/1 octave1 real time analysis, Type 1, IEC 61260 (option)
    1/3 octave1 real time analysis, Type 1, IEC 61260 (option)
    FFT1 real time analysis, 800 lines, up to 22.4 kHz band (option)
    Acoustic dosimeter1 meeting IEC 61252 with SV 25_2 microphone (option)
    and more…
  • Weighting FiltersA, C and Z
  • RMS DetectorDigital True RMS detector with Peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB, Time Constants: Slow, Fast, Impulse
  • MicrophoneMK255
  • Measurement Range22 dBA RMS ÷ 141 dBA Peak (with 5 dB margin from noise level)
  • Dynamic Range100 dB
  • Internal Noise Levelless than 17 dBA RMS
  • Frequency Range0.5 Hz ÷ 20 kHz; microphone dependent, with ACO 7052H microphone: 10 Hz ÷ 20 kHz

Vibration Level Meter/Analyser

  • StandardsISO 8041:2005
  • Meter modeRMS, VDV, MTVV or MAX, Peak, Peak-Peak Simultaneous measurement in up to four channels with independent set of filters
  • Analyser1/1 octave 1 real time analysis, 15 filters with centre frequencies from 1 Hz to 16 kHz (Type 1, IEC 61260)
    1/3 octave 1 real time analysis, 45 filters with centre frequencies from 0.8 Hz to 20 kHz (Type 1, IEC 61260)
    FFT real time analysis up to 1600 lines with Hanning, Kaiser-Bessel or Flat Top window
    FFT cross spectra measurements
    RPM rotation speed measurements parallel to the vibration measurement (1 ÷ 99999)
    and more…
  • FiltersWd , Wk , Wc , Wj , Wm , Wb , Wg (ISO 2631), Wh (ISO 5439), HP1, HP3, HP10, Vel1, Vel3, Vel10, VelMF, Dil1, Dil3, Dil10,
  • RMS DetectorDigital True RMS & RMQ detectors with Peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB Time Constants: from 100 ms to 10 s
  • AccelerometerSV 39A/L seat accelerometer (100 mV/g sensitivity) for Whole-Body measurements SV 50 set for Hand-Arm measurements (Dytr
  • Measurement Rangeaccelerometer dependent, 0.003 ms-2 RMS ÷ 500 ms-2 PEAK (with 100 mV/g sensitivity)
  • Frequency Range0.5 Hz ÷ 20 kHz; accelerometer dependent with Dytran 3023M2: 2 Hz ÷ 10 kHz

Basic Data

  • InputIEPE type (channels 1, 2, 3 – LEMO 4 pin & channel 4 – TNC connector)
  • Dynamic Range100 dB, 4 x 20 bits A/D converters
  • Frequency Range0.5 Hz ÷ 20 kHz, sampling rate 48 kHz
  • Data loggerTime History logging to internal memory or external USB Memory Stick Time domain signal recording on USB Memory Stick (option)
  • DisplayLCD 128 x 64 pixels plus icons with backlighting
  • Memory32 MB non-volatile flash type, external USB Memory Stick (not included)
  • InterfacesUSB 1.1 Client, USB 1.1 Host, RS 232 (option: SV 55 requiered), IrDA (option) Extended I/O – AC output (1 V Peak) or Digital Input/Output (Trigger – Pulse)
  • Power supplyFour AA batteries (alkaline): operation time > 12 h (6.0 V / 1.6 Ah)
    Four AA rechargeable batteries (not included): operation time > 16 h (4.8 V / 2.6 Ah)
    SA 17A external battery pack: operation time > 24 h (option)
    External power supply: 6 V DC ÷ 15 V DC (1.5 W)
    USB interface: 500 mA HUB
  • Environmental ConditionsTemperature: from -10°C to 50°C Humidity: up to 90 % RH, non-condensed
  • Dimensions140 x 82 x 42 mm
  • Weight510 grams with batteries


  • 1. An absolutely unique four channels, Type 1, Vibration Level Meter meeting ISO 8041:2005, ISO 2631-1,2&5 and ISO 5349-1&2, combining all the functions of measuring: RMS, MTVV or Max, VDV, Peak, Peak-Peak, Min including Time History Logger.
  • 2. Excellent instrument for Human Vibration measurements (provides current, daily dose and exposure calculation) with advance dose calculator.
  • 3. An absolutely unique four channels, Type 1, Sound Level Meter meeting IEC 61672:2002, combining all the functions of measuring: SPL, Leq, SEL, Lden, Ltm3, Ltm5, statistics – Ln (L1-L99), LMax, LMin, LPeak, with Time History Logger. Three profiles allow parallel measurements with independently defined filters and RMS detector time constants what in fact means that SVAN 958 provide three sound level meters per channel. Acoustic dose meter is also available as an option.
  • 4. Exceptional logging capability, up to twelve results per sound channel can be logged simultaneously with logging step down to 10 milliseconds.
  • 5. USB host controller provides almost unlimited memory capacity with external USB flash memory (“Memory Stick”).
  • 6. Exceptional feature – four channels, 20 kHz band, time domain signals recording on external USB flash memory with parallel real-time measurements.
  • 7. SVAN 958 instrument can be provided with four channels real-time 1/1 & /3 octave analysis including statistical calculation, FFT analysis, acoustic loudness measurements, RT 60 reverberating time measurements and RPM measurements.
  • 8. Each analysis function works parallel to the meter mode.
  • 9. The measurement data can be easy downloaded to any PC using USB or RS 232 interface and SvanPC+ software. IrDA (infrared interface) is also available as an option.
  • 10. The extension of the SVAN 958 instrument applications is the SV 212 monitoring station which includes controller with power system, 1 V/g accelerometer in protection mounting box and the SA 201A outdoor microphone kit. Instrument is powered from four stan


Ordering Hints

Below you will find the informations about configuration and parts available in SVANTEK offer according to different types of measurements. All parts and options not included in a basic version of SVAN958 set are subjects to be priced additionally.

With any questions about prices etc. please contact local representative or send an email to

The basic version of SVAN 958 set consists of:

SVAN 958 – Four channels meter and analyser without any transducers
SC 16 – USB cable for communication with the PC
SC 09 – Cable (1pin Lemo plug to BNC plug) which provides easy access to I/O port
SC 61 – Integrated connector (TNC plug to BNC socket) providing easy connection of BNC cables to fourth input channel
Software – SvanPC+ base module software for data download, visualisation and easy export to other applications
Certificate – Manufactory calibration certificate
Batteries – Four AA alkaline batteries

Following software options to SVAN958 are available additionally:

SV 958_1 – 1/1 octave analysis option for the SVAN 958
SV 958_2 – 1/3 octave analysis option for the SVAN 958
SV 958_3 – 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis option for the SVAN 958
SV 958_4 – FFT analysis option for the SVAN 958
SV 958_5 – RT 60 option for the SVAN 958
SV 958_8 – Rotation measurement option without Laser Tachometer
SV 958_10 – Acoustic dosimeter option for the SVAN 958 (microphone not included)

Related accessories for human vibrations measurements:

SV 39 – A/LSeat accelerometer for whole body vibration measurement (includes cable and it’s ready to use) with manufactory calibration certificate
SV 38 – Low cost seat accelerometer for whole body vibration measurement (includes cable and it’s ready to use) with manufactory calibration certificate.
SV 50 – Measurement set for hand-arm vibration containing accelerometer (10 mV/g sensitivity), includes SC 38 cable, three dedicated adapters for accelerometer fixing (SA 50, SA 51 & SA 52) and manufactory calibration certificate (ready to use without any additional accessories)

Related accessories for building vibrations measurements in 3 axes:

SV 207 – Building Vibration Measurements set containing accelerometer (1 V/g sensitivity) in hermetic mounting box with a special levelling system and cable (SC 241 or SC 242)
SV 212 – BWaterproof protection case with additional 33 Ah battery and indoor charger

Related accessories for general vibrations measurements in single axis:

SV 3185D – Single axis general purpose accelerometer 100 mV/g (connection to the SVAN 958 requires an additional cable SC 27 to be connected to channel number four or SC 27 and SC 49 cable in case of channels from 1 to 3)
SC 27 – Coil cable (TNC plug to TNC plug) providing connection of the SV 3185D to SVAN958 by the TNC plug
SA 27/3185D – Mounting magnet for accelerometer SV3185D
SC 49 – Cable (3 x TNC socket to 4pin LEMO plug) providing connection of the three independent transducer to channels 1,2 & 3 by cables with TNC plugs
SC 39P – Cable (3 x BNC socket to 4pin LEMO plug) providing connection of the three independent transducer to channels 1,2 & 3 by cables with BNC plugs

Related accessories for general vibrations measurements in 3 axes:

SV 3143M1 – Triaxial accelerometer 100 mV/g sensitivity, mounting hole with M4 thread (connection to SVAN 958 instrument requires SC 38 cable)
SC 38 – Cable (4 pin Microtech to LEMO 4) allows to connect triaxial accelerometer (3143M1, 3023M2, 3233A) with SVAN 958
SA27/3143M1 – Mounting magnet for accelerometer SV 3143M1

Related accessories for rotation measurements:

SVRPM_PROB – Laser tachometer with SC 74 cable (additional option SV958_8 required)

Related accessories for sound measurements:

SV 60 – Sound measurement set including SV 22 ½� prepolarised microphone, SV 12L preamplifier, SA 08 gooseneck and SA 22 windscreen
SC 26 – Cable (TNC plug to TNC socket) provides connection of SV 12L (SA 203) to SVAN958
SC 49 – Cable (3 x TNC socket to 4pin LEMO plug) providing connection of the three independent transducer to channels 1,2 & 3 by cables with TNC plugs
SA 203 – Outdoor protection kit designed to be mounted on a tripod (additional cable required)
SV 25 – Microphone for acoustic dose measurements, ½� microphone size casing with integrated preamplifier and cable, type 2
SV 30A – Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator 1000 Hz with two calibration levels 94dB and 114dB

Other accessories:

SA 48 – Waterproof carrying case (recommended)
SA 47 – Carrying bag (fabric material)
SA 15 – Power supply from mains socket
SA 17A – External battery pack
SV 55 – RS 232 interface option
SV 56 – IrDA interface option

Download Ordering Hints