STIPA Speech Transmission Index

The STIPA measurement procedure in accordance to IEC 60268-16:2011 is supported by the mobile application, that provides a step by step measurement route. The application uses the Bluetooth® interface to connect to SVAN 979 where STIPA results are presented on the display and saved in the memory.

STIPA measurement is widely used for assessment of suitability of the room acoustics for speech communication and evaluating PA (Public Address) and VA (Voice Alarms) systems. The goal of measurement is to measure how good persons understand a spoken message.
The STIPA technique is simple, the test signal with a predefined set of two modulations is played back from the PA or VA system speakers whilst the SVAN 979 sound level meter is performing the measurements.

SvanNET App

SvanNET Application configures Svantek monitoring stations for the connection to the SvanNET Cloud Service and provides an easy access to its functions.
The PC version of  the SvanNET App is used for the first connection of a Svantek monitoring station to the SvanNET. The mobile version enables quick access to the SvanNET account and its functionality without necessity of using a web browser on a mobile phone


Assistant is a smartphone application for devices running on Android and iOS platforms extending functionalities of SV 104A and SV 100A. The application uses the Bluetooth® interface enabling current results to be previewed on a smartphone or tablet as well as controlling the measurement Start / Stop and Markers. The Assitant also signals an alarm when set noise or vibration limits are exceeded. The uniqe feature of Assistant is functionality of sending the GPS position and vehicle speed to the SV 100A to create image of vibration on a map providing very powerful tools for identification of vibration sources.

BA Assistant

BA Assistant application supports Svantek sound level meters equipped with the Bluetooth® interface, e.g. SVAN 977 and SVAN 979

The Building Acoustics smartphone application guides the user through the sound insulation measurement procedure in accordance with ISO 16283.

Sound insulation results are presented on the display and in the form of a report compliant with the ISO requirements. Application can be used with SP 95 Impact Ball for sound insulation testing in light weight structures.

A project containing measurements from the source and receiving rooms for different sound source positions is created during the measurement. The project is saved in the memory of the sound meter along with the measurement files.

The user interface allows to preview results in the form of time-history plots as well as numerical values.

The application enables to add PHOTOS and VOICE comments to the measurement projects.


SvanPC++ BV

SvanPC++ Building Vibration module displays the data from building vibration measurements in a standardised format. Vibration events, alarms and time history can be displayed on a plot showing the Peak Particle Velocity and Dominant Frequencies as well as time-history plots. The detailed analysis can be performed with use of FFT or 1/3 octave spectra from the data file or it can based on recalculation of the WAV files. With the WAV analysis software you can search for peaks and calculate FFT or 1/3 octave spectrum on selected time periods. The software comes with the system with no extra cost involved.


SvanMOBILE is an Android application for devices running on Android platform extending functionalities of SVAN 977 / 979. SvanMOBILE allows to link measurement files from sound level meter to media files from smartphones such as photos, video or audio recordings. Anyone who makes measurements in the environment will appreciate the fact that SvanMobile can be used to automatically add weather data and GPS position to report on the measurement. To communicate with SVAN 977 / 979 the Bluetooth® interface is used.

SvanPC++ Wave

SvanPC++ Wave module is designed for processing wave files from Svantek noise or vibration instruments. The analysis provides calculation of overall results such as Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak as well as 1/3 octave and  FFT calculations. The typical use of the SvanPC++ Wave also supports tonality calculation.

The SvanPC++Wave module is available as the part of the Analyser software kit that extends functionality of SvanPC++ base version. The kit also includes SvanPC++ Environmental Module with its Block/Marker generator and projects manager.

SvanPC++ RC

SvanPC++ Remote Communication Module serves as a remote communication tool with SVAN devices, using different interfaces: direct connection by RS232 or USB cable, GPRS modem, Internet, LAN (Ethernet).

Its main functionality is establishing remote communication with Svantek instruments with remote communication capabilities (i.e SV200, SVAN977). SvanPC+_RC supports downloading measurement results from instruments to PC and also manages instrument settings (Setup Editor). Support of multiple instruments and advanced alarm functions (e.g. sending text messages) were also implemented in RC module.

Measurement data can be downloaded regularly or on user’s request . Advanced options of remote sessions which offer on-line data monitoring are also available.

SvanPC++ EM

SvanPC++ Environmental Monitoring module is designed for processing data from any noise or vibration measurements including data from long period unattended environmental monitoring. For time-history data analysis the software provides all necessary functionalities such as unwanted periods marking and removing or processing them separately, recalculation of original time-history records into longer intervals, calculation of number of parameters and presentation these results in text, table and graphic form.

Additionally, the module provides a reporting tool which allows any combination of data to be placed on a report. Project functionality eases the management of data stored in various file types, gathered across given measurement activity, like measurement data, calculation results, views, photos, graphics, pictures and report templates.

SvanPC++ BA

SvanPC++ Building Acoustic module provides building acoustic projects management functionality dedicated for collecting measurement files, assigning files to appropriate categories (rooms/dwellings), defining rooms/dwellings and specialised wizard for calculations of airborne and impact sound insulation. Module accepts reverberation time results from SVANTEK SLMs as well as automatic and user defined reverberation time calculation from time-history data are available.

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