What is the difference between Logger and Summary Results?

For level time history data, you need to switch the Logger on, and choose what data to save by selecting the desired tickboxes in the Logger Results menu.

If you have a 977 or 971 meter, you must always have the logger set to on. If you want averaged results over the period set by the Integration period, then you also need Summary Results. The logger results work in the same way as time history.

I have a SV106A / SVAN958A / SVAN958A / SVAN979. Why are my average results not saving?

If you have a 106, 95x or 979 meter, it is possible the Autosave (File > Save Options) has been left unticked. This saves the averaged results over the length of time set in the Integration period. If the Autosave tickbox repeatedly becomes unticked, it is caused by one of two things: your memory is full, or the Autoname has run out of characters and is no longer able to assign an automatic number. In both cases, connect your meter to SvanPC++, download all your files and erase your memory. In the meter’s menu, select Autosave: Number, and edit the Autoname to e.g. @R1 to reset the naming sequence.

So why should I choose the Svan958A over the SV106A?

If you want to measure noise, have remote communications and measure dominant frequency, then Svan 958A is the best choice.

Can I measure WAV files with SV106A?

Yes, recorded to internal microSD card, for post-processing in SvanPC++

Does the SV106A do noise?

No. It’s a vibration meter only.

Does the SV106A do FFT?

No, but 1/1 and 1/3 octave options are available

Does the SV106A do PPV and VDV at the same time?

Yes, each channel has two profiles, so you can measure unweighted PPV and weighted VDV at the same time

What about the SV106A? Can I use that for ground vibration?

Yes, the 106 is a six channel instrument so two triaxial locations can be measured

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