How big a USB memory stick can I use with the USB host facility of 95x series instruments?

In general, the larger the USB memory, the larger the current requirements, and the slower the speed of the memory. The Svan 95x are low power devices, so have an (intentionally) limited supply of power to the USB host. Therefore, we recommend that the maximum memory size is 4GB, as this provides the best compromise between power, speed and capacity. Larger memory sizes may work perfectly well, but we can’t guarantee it.

Also, we recommend good brands such as Kingston, rather than supermarket own-brand.

So why should I choose the Svan958A over the SV106A?

If you want to measure noise, have remote communications and measure dominant frequency, then Svan 958A is the best choice.

Can the Svan958A measure Vibration Criteria?

Yes, with the normal SV84(SV207B) triaxial accelerometer, and 1/3 octaves installed, you can measure VC-A to VC-D, but for measurements to VC-E and NIST-A, we recommend using a 10V/g accelerometer instead, as that gives you more headroom over the noise floor. Typically, three accelerometers are mounted orthogonally in an SA217 block – ask for details.

Can the Svan958A measure according to the criteria in BS7385?

Yes, if the FFT option is installed, then PPV and dominant frequency can be stored and displayed correctly in SvanPC++ with the threshold criteria.

Can I trigger from a vibration event and send an email/SMS?

Yes, if the 958A is equipped with a serial interface and modem (options), then two trigger levels are available on each channel, typically used for warning and alarm levels.

Can I measure noise at the same time as triaxial vibration on the SV958A?

Yes – we use channels 1-3 for vibration, and channel 4 can be used for noise measurements to Class 1 accuracy. Measurements include Leq and Ln as standard, and spectra (if option installed)

Can I capture the event signal file on the Svan958A?

Yes, if the WAV option is installed, the ground vibration firmware will also capture the signal file to a USB memory stick.

Can I measure dominant frequency to BS7385 on the Svan958A?

Yes, if FFT is installed, the ground vibration firmware allows storage of dominant frequency. This is preferred over zero-crossing methods, as it reduces errors caused by complex time waveforms.

Can I measure VDV and PPV at the same time as 1/3 octaves?

In the special ground vibration firmware, 1/3 octave analysis is possible at the same time as PPV and VDV, FFT (option) can also be used.

Can I measure 1/3 octaves at the same time as PPV?

Yes, but you need the 1/3 octave option installed.

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