Met One Instruments’ remote PM10 MCERTS dust monitor the ES-642 is a type of nephelometer which automatically measures real-time airborne PM10, PM2.5, or TSP particulate concentration levels using the principle of forward laser light scatter.

An industrial air quality sensor designed to provide accurate measurements of particle concentration in both indoor and outdoor environments. It includes an LCD display to provide information about particulate concentration, flow rate, instrument status and power.

Sample air is drawn into the ES-642 and through the laser optical module, where the particulate in the sample air stream scatters the laser light through reflective and refractive properties. This scattered light is collected onto a photodiode detector at a near-forward angle, and the resulting electronic signal is processed to determine a continuous, real-time measurement of airborne particulate mass concentrations.

Applications include:
• Rail and roadside monitoring
• Schools and playgrounds
• Underground facilities
• Solar power installations
• Wind energy installations
• Farms and ranches
• Hotels and public venues

Also, the ES-642 is installed with other particulate monitors such as the BAM and FRM instruments.

Product Highlights
The ES-642 measures real-time airborne particulate concentration levels using the principle of forward laser light scatter.


– Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure: For reliable
continuous outdoor operation.
– Purge Air System: Keeps optical components clean
so the ES-642 can operate in adverse environments
without performance degradation.
– Automatic Zero Calibration: Reduces long term
measurement drift by automatically adjusting the
zero value each hour.
– Controlled Inlet Heater: Active inlet humidity control
to reduce measurement errors.
– Front Panel LCD Display: Provides information
about particulate concentration, flow rate and
instrument status.
– Flexible Mounting Hardware: Optional mounting
bracket for wall or 2” vertical mast or for vertical
mast diameters up to 4.7 inches (120 mm).


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